When you trying to install or uninstall a program on Windows, you may receive the following errors:


For example:

  • The installer encountered an unexpected error while installing this package. This could indicate a problem with this package. Error code 2503.
  • The installer encountered an unexpected error while installing this package. This could indicate a problem with this package. Error code 2502.
  • RunScript is called.
  • InstallFinalize is called.

Errors were detected with the installation of Microsoft Games For Windows Live (GfWL), XSplit Broadcaster, VirtualBOX, ESET Smart security, but other programs are being installed

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Solution 1 (removing)

In order to uninstall a program with this problem, you need to identify the MSI file that it uses.

  1. Press Windows key + R and the “Run” window will open.
  2. Enter C:\Windows\Installer and click “ОК”.
  3. Right-click View -> Details.
  4. The tile has displayed columns. Right-click anywhere in the column pane and click “Details”
  5. Find “subject” in the list. Click OK.
  6. lick on a subject to sort everything alphabetically. You must determine which file is correct.
  7. Open a command prompt as administrator.
  8. Enter C:\Windows\Installer\ followed by the file name of the program you want to uninstall and “.msi”.
    For example, file 54c55 will type like this: C:\Windows\Installer\54c55.msi
  9. Removing programs will successfully complete its task. You can close the command prompt window
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Solution 2 (Installation and Uninstallation)

  1. Hold Ctrl + Alt and press Esc.
  2. Find “Windows Explorer” in “Processes” and right-click to complete the task.
  3. Now click on “New Task” and start a new task.
  4. Enter “explorer.exe” without quotes and check the box “Create with administrator privileges”, then click “OK”.

Now you should be free to install/uninstall without getting an error.

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Solution 3 (taken from comments)

Errors 2502 and 2503 can also be resolved by adding full privileges to the Everyone group on the C: \ Windows \ TEMP folder.

There is another solution if this did not help for Windows 10:

  1. Follow the path C:\Windows
  2. Find the TEMP folder, right-click and select “Properties”
  3. TEMP window will open: The Properties, select the “Security” tab
  4. By default, there is no Everyone group in the “Groups and users” list, you need to add it for this error to disappear.
  5. Click “Change”
  6. The Permissions window for the TEMP group will open, click on the “Add” button
  7. The Select: Users or Groups window will open, click on the “Advanced” … button.
  8. Click on the “Search” button and in the search results look for the “All” item in the table, select it, click “OK”
  9. The “All” group has been added to the list of the “Permissions” for the TEMP group window, select “All” and below Permissions for the “Everyone” group, select the Full access checkboxes, all checkboxes from the list will become active
  10. Click OK, the window will close
  11. Click OK in the Properties: TEMP window
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Solution 4, video in Youtube

Solution 5

One of the commenters on this post was unable to solve in any of the above ways. In his case, it was necessary to reset Windows 10 (“Reset the computer to its original state”)

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